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Maintaining the Herb Garden

Hello Mark and Garden Talk Bloggers.  The herb garden can be one of the most productive culinary parts to our gardens.  It can also easily become a messy frustration as well.  Mother Nature has opened the faucet this week and I believe we will see some surge growth in our gardens as our plants respond to this welcome…


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Do You Have a Tired Old Lawn? Tis the Season for Summer Lawn Renovation

What do you do when your carpet in your house deteriorates? You replace it!

What do you do when you’re tired old lawn deteriorates? You should replace it too!!

Do you have a tired old lawn, full of all kinds of grasses and weeds that just drive you crazy? In less than 6 or 7 weeks from now the “fall” lawn renovation season begins! (August 10th – October 1st)…


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Summer Solstice, when we experience the longest day of the year, is upon us. Midsummer, popularized by no other than Shakespeare, is a time when human civilization has paused to honor the all those aspects of Nature that support Life as we know it. It is time for all of us to consider, contemplate, and act on our responsibilities of correct stewardship of our world. This can begin so simply with all of us united in the pursuit of gardening, bringing forth the bounty of the earth. It is so…


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Technology and Nature

Hello Mark and Garden Talk Bloggers.  Yesterday, my son Boone, a friend of his, and myself were visiting My Uncle Dave's and Aunt Susie's farm.  The open pasture area was alive with blooming wildflowers and hundreds of butterflies.  The top photo is of a Zebra Swallowtail.  This butterfly is feeding itself off of a…


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alladins lamp

Aladdin’s Lamp Tomato Seeds.

All of our seeds are Non GMO and Pesticide free.

Aladdin’s lamp is a beautifully shaped tomato that weighs about 2-3 ounces.  It is a tomato that I totally enjoy.  Its vines are not too tall, perhaps 4 feet, and it produces a nice amount of tomatoes all season long.  My vines also responded very well to Serenade organic fungicide.  This tomato is a head turner and you will have lots of compliments even when they are green.

How Does It…


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What Plant AM I?

What Plant AM I?

My nick name is Big Tree.

I am part three species of coniferous classified in the family of plants called Cupressaceae.

My family has three unique and well-adapted species.

My common name of me only naturally occurs in groves on the western slope of a Mt. range.

I am the largest living thing by volume.

My Lower branches die fairly readily from shading, but trees less than 100 years old retain most of their dead branches. My tree trunks…


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June is here, summer will arrive shortly and the tree canopy is full. There are many issues to watch for as that canopy matures and closes. The scourge of Emerald Ash Borer is still the big news of the landscape but don't let it overshadow the possibility of other diseases seriously impacting other species of trees. There are other similarly serious and devastating conditions to watch for. The American Elm, Ulmus americana, disappeared from the landscape and nearly disappeared from its…


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Mother Nature is Turning Up the Heat!

With temperatures going into the 90’s and no rain in the forecast, maintaining a beautiful turfgrass lawn will be difficult - even for the professionals! Hopefully, you have listened to Mark Webber and I for the last 9 months and done everything we suggested that you do to get your turfgrass deeply rooted. These practices would have included Late Season High Nitrogen Fertilization back in November or early December, and also Hollow Tine Core Aeration.

We have had a wonderful spring…


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Many gardeners have asked, in this week just passed, "What is wrong with my plant and what can I spray it with?" There were 3 different samples from different gardeners and all different species but strangely all had the symptoms: withered or wilted young branch tips, young leaves, and just opening flower buds. Three of those samples were: a young Japanese Maple branch tip; young peach branch tip leaves; and a leaf sample and just opening flower bud from a Knockout Rose. Symptoms were very…


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Don’t Let Yellow Nutsedge Drive you NUTS! + Reminder of Proper Mowing Practices


Yellow nutsedge is one of those weeds that can take uninvited residence in your turf and ornamental beds! It is a warm-season perennial weed that is best identified by how rapidly it grows in comparison to the surrounding grass. As described by the OARDC: “Yellow nutsedge is an erect, grass-like perennial, characterized by its shiny yellowish-green leaves, triangular stem, golden-brown flower head and shallow rhizomes (horizontal underground stems) that…


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There have been many questions concerning: "why are the leaves on my tree curling?" A very good question as it indicates the gardener is paying attention to details in the garden. Remember that basic pest control begins with correct identification. The first follow up question is then: "what kind of tree is it?" Right now these questions are consistently concerning Peach trees, but for this particular condition, Nectarines and Almonds are also possible candidates.

The next step is to…


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Why Sharp Mower Blades Matter (More Than You Think)!

Does your lawn resemble this picture?

If so, this is evidence of unsharpened mower blades at work on your turf – and it’s something you need to be paying attention to! If your mower blades are not sharp, your turf is more than likely being shredded with dull mower blades. Not cleanly cut with a sharp…


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Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough

Please be aware that most broadleaf weed killers or post emergent herbicides can cause sub-lethal injuries and lethal death to valuable trees and plants. Herbicides whole intended purpose is to kill plants. If not delivered and applied correctly can and in most caused severe injuries that if not initially killed will likely placed into a stressful condition that will lead to death.  

First and foremost READ the LABEL and understand the precautionary statements.…


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Mothers' Day is here and plants of all types are at the top of the gift list to show Mom our love and appreciation. Fantastic! Here are some tips to make sure those outdoor plants will survive and continue to honor Mother for several years to come.

Planting depth is perhaps the singularly most important consideration when installing a plant in the landscape.

The perfect tree or the perfect shrub can be doomed to failure if the planting hole is too deep. There are many variations…


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Be On the Lookout: Cool Season Turf Diseases

Spring is in full swing here in Southern and Central Ohio! So far this season, Mother Nature has given us heavy rains and will soon be providing us with high temperatures up into the 80’s to deal with. Lot’s for our lawns to be going through, and with the changing temperatures comes turf disease. There are more species of turf diseases than we can begin to count; however, here is a short list of (5) cold season turf diseases you want to be on the lookout for in the coming weeks.…


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Anyone driving along any highway, or past any old field or disturbed site in southwest Ohio has noticed white flowering trees everywhere. First guesses are perhaps Honeysuckle or Callery Pear because of the sheer abundance of them. The answer is, no, these are not an exotic invasive specie running wild. Instead, this is a tree native to eastern North America, Robinia pseudoacacia, Black Locust.

Black locust grows as a medium sized tree to about 40 feet tall with a broad upright…


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With Wet Weather Comes Disease / The Dangers of Powassan Virus

It’s becoming harder and harder to recall a day recently when we haven’t been looking out our window to something other than droplets of rain. Rain, rain and more rain has been the name of the weather game as of late; and with all that precipitation and warm temperatures comes disease. Disease is starting to be seen on turf, trees and other ornamental plants in the area, all thanks to this wet weather! Be on the lookout for signs of disease throughout your lawn and apply proper control…


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Ohio Chapter Scholarship

The purpose of the Ohio Chapter ISA Scholarship Program is to promote professional arboriculture within the state of Ohio. The goal is to assist individuals with the financial responsibility of professional arboricultural development through higher education in the field or via the International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist program

You can get the application at the Ohio Chapter ISA Website and tap the scholarship tab…


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Arbor Day was first celebrated April 10, 1872 in Nebraska City, Nebraska. On that first Arbor Day, approximately 1 million trees were planted. It became a state holiday in Nebraska in 1885. It was founded by J. (Julius) Sterling Morton, then Secretary of Agriculture for President Grover Cleveland. The intention of this holiday is meant to encourage people, whether in groups or as individuals, to plant and care for trees. The first Arbor Day was celebrated on April 22, 1885, the birthday of…


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Billbugs Have Arrived - Don't Mistake Their Damage for Drought!

Billbugs are officially being spotted in lawns and turf throughout the Ohio area! Now is the time to starting taking action against these pests. Billbugs are weevils that commonly infest high-cut turf. They are typically found infesting Kentucky Bluegrass, but have been found infesting Perennial Ryegrass and Tall Fescues as well.…


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