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What Plant AM I?

What Plant AM I?

My nick name is Big Tree.

I am part three species of coniferous classified in the family of plants called Cupressaceae.

My family has three unique and well-adapted species.

My common name of me only naturally occurs in groves on the western slope of a Mt. range.

I am the largest living thing by volume.

My Lower branches die fairly readily from shading, but trees less than 100 years old retain most of their dead branches. My tree trunks…


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Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough

Please be aware that most broadleaf weed killers or post emergent herbicides can cause sub-lethal injuries and lethal death to valuable trees and plants. Herbicides whole intended purpose is to kill plants. If not delivered and applied correctly can and in most caused severe injuries that if not initially killed will likely placed into a stressful condition that will lead to death.  

First and foremost READ the LABEL and understand the precautionary statements.…


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Ohio Chapter Scholarship

The purpose of the Ohio Chapter ISA Scholarship Program is to promote professional arboriculture within the state of Ohio. The goal is to assist individuals with the financial responsibility of professional arboricultural development through higher education in the field or via the International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist program

You can get the application at the Ohio Chapter ISA Website and tap the scholarship tab…


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Don’t be negligent, care for your trees

If you own a home on a lot with mature trees, like many of us do, you should take time to look at your trees and determine whether or not they can be a threat to you or others. To limit your liability, you need to be sure that your trees are healthy and structurally sound, and you must, under the law, manage them so they will not cause damage to the public.

What we are talking about is the concept of “negligence,” defined as “The failure to do what a reasonable person should do to…


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More residential trees to less crime?

Having more trees in a neighborhood leads to

fewer crimes. That’s a hypothesis that scientists

have been trying to conclusively prove or disprove

for decades. When Michelle Kondo, a social

scientist with the U.S. Forest Service’s Northern

Research Station, saw that the City of Cincinnati

kept detailed records of where and when it

removed ash trees killed by the emerald ash borer,

an invasive beetle, she saw a natural experiment

that might offer more…


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Another go at the grass-growing process

Here is a recent inquiry I received at

On the North side of our home we have an area with an oak tree under which we have had great difficulty growing grass. We're preparing to have another go at the grass-growing process again and wonder if you have any advice to share with us.…


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What Plant AM I?

What Plant AM I?

I am native to Europe and Asia, but has also been introduced to North America and Australia.

I am a hardy herbaceous flowering perennial.

I am identified by:

  • the flowers are aromatic

    the flowers are normally either dark violet or white,

    the leaves and flowers are all in a basal rosette,

    the style is hooked (and does not end with a rounded appendage),

    the leaf-stalks have hairs which point…

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The Bark Of A Tree "The great protector and resource."

The Bark Of A Tree "The great protector and resource."

Written by Mark A. Webber

When you hear the word “bark” in reference to a tree you may know it as an area on the outside of tree trunk or covering tree branches. This important covering performs many important functions in woody plants. Bark formation is complex and is initiated by the

process of cell division at the cambium, which produces xylem on the woody side (inside) and phloem, the primary bark tissue,…


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Bio-Char “The answer for soil problems”

The key to growing most plants is soils that

contain, air, water, nutrients, microorganisms,

macroorganisms and will drain excess water

away. Many of the soils that exist in our

landscapes are simple of poor condition due to

construction practices from when our homes

were built.

A 2,000-year-old practice of creating what is

now called Biochar. Biochar is a process that

converts agricultural waste into a soil enhancer

that can hold carbon,…


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Giant Sequoia ‘Tunnel Tree’ a Foreseeable Failure

It is all over the popular press the iconic tunnel tree has failed during weather event in California. Unfortunately, this tree's failure was a foreseeable failure due to the tree's root flare being violated years ago.

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Get Ready for Spring! Landscape/Tree Inspection

Get Ready for Spring! Landscape/Tree Inspection


Spring is just a few months away and now is the time to start planning on what you want your yard, garden and landscape to look like in 2017! For a limited time offer you can have an International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist & Certified Landscape Technician from Mark Webber's Landscaping Company will meet with you and discuss your properties needs and we will perform a complete landscape…


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Totipotent growth in trees


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Which is better to train a tree when its young or wait till its in poor structural condition

The Costs of Not Pruning

Ryder and Moore (2013) have authored one

of the few papers that explicitly examine

the costs of not maintaining trees (i.e., deferring

maintenance). Tese authors asked:

“If a tree is formative pruned in the early

stage of life, what will the cost-saving be if

the same defects had not been rectified?”

. Seventy-eight percent of all planted

trees in their sample showed structurally

defects that required formative…


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Honeysuckles affecting native Bird Populations

Another reason not to harbor invasive Honeysuckle!

Added by Mark Webber on October 15, 2016 at 5:49am — No Comments

Ohio wine pioneer dies

Added by Mark Webber on October 15, 2016 at 5:30am — 1 Comment

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