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At 9:41am on April 29, 2017, Terry Biers said…

Thank you, Mark. Dark day outside, but I moved my container plants out in the open so they would get watered!!! Everything looks so lush and beautiful; a great day nevertheless. I've actually never looked at the blog...only at the notices sent to my email. This is interesting!

At 7:37am on October 22, 2016, Juli said…
I cannot find your recent podcasts on TuneIn anymore. Is there another location I need to use to access them?
At 8:59am on December 5, 2015, Patrick Middleton said…

I will do that later. Currently at work.

At 2:52pm on November 11, 2015, Betty Kangas said…

Thanks very much Mark!

At 11:50am on October 5, 2015, Carolyn Yankel said…

Thanks, Mark. Have a 20-year-old 10' Norfolk Pine that came inside each winter. Planted it in August and it's thriving. After hearing you say on Saturday's program that the winter winds are most harmful, am trying to build a green house around the pine, using the poly spun material and PVC.

At 9:00am on May 30, 2015, Kent Reeves said…
Thank you. :)
At 8:55am on May 30, 2015, Phillip Mathes said…

Thanks You, Mark.

At 9:39am on May 23, 2015, Nick Pierron said…

Hi, Mark, here is a picture of my sugar maple. Let me know what you think. Thanks...I really enjoy your show. DSC04066.JPG Thanks again!!!

At 1:13pm on April 25, 2015, Richard Fugate said…

Hi Mark, On your removing old mulch topic. If the old mulch is lets say thick chunky dyed wood pallet material 2" to 3" deep I don't think it would be good to cover with good pine bark mulch. That will rob the soil of nitrogen just to break down that junk mulch material so in this instance wouldn't it be better to remove old.

At 12:22pm on April 1, 2015, Laurel Benner said…

Hi Mark! Your page is really different....very classy;) thank you for having a website and the time and effort you put into encouraging us to get out there and do something with our...gardens!!! I started listening to you about 3 1/2 years ago....the radio was on another program at night when i woke up and heard you, you cracked me up I almost fell out of bed several times listening to you and your guests and callers:) lol! I have learned a lot and am very glad to be a listener. I wanted to record some of them but thought I would ask, is it recorded somewhere? do you have an archive? it would be fun to hear what you talked about over the past:) I am also a history nut aside from loving butterflies and gardening. Again, thank you:)

At 2:01pm on March 16, 2015, Cindy Marshall said…

Thank you for the welcome. My question has to do with my Japanese Maple. It is spreading out too large for the area and I would like to know when and how to cut it back. Thank you

At 1:39pm on March 16, 2015, Tom Freier said…

Thank you for welcoming me to your web site. I have started a couple year ago with vegetable gardening I started heirloom tomatoes, red bell peppers and kohlrabies from seeds. I started them about the first in Jan and was wondering when and how much outside sun light I should start them out with so they don't get sun burnt????
Thank you

At 7:07am on July 12, 2014, William Ratliff said…

Thanks for the welcome, and thanks for your information this morning on the phone. 

At 10:47am on June 2, 2014, Vicki Romesburg said…

Mark, thanks for the info on the mullein.  Mystery solved.  Much appreciated!

Vicki Romesburg

At 12:23am on September 8, 2013, Scott Mahrt said…

I called your show Saturday to ask you if deciduous trees evolved north of the arctic circle.

I was watching Think TV and,
I heard trees dropped their leaves up there during winter because there was no light during the winter.
The poles were supposedly warmer back then.
Your response was basically that they evolved in their local niches.
Thanks for the info.
If you come across any more info on the topic, can you cut and paste it to an email and send it to me at
Scott in Piqua
If you help me out, maybe I could find a way to help you in the future. Telling me that this is phooey may also help me too, if it is indeed phooey.
At 2:22pm on July 10, 2013, Drew Hilgeford said…

Sorry Mark, I didn't see your friend request. Trying to play around with your site to get to know it a little better and found your request. Can't wait till sat morning. Drew

At 6:03am on March 16, 2013, Mike Brimmer said…

Thanks Mark for the welcome message, I have many questions on many topics from EAB to Vegetable gardens and look forward to learning about it all.  I have shared with many of my friends and associates the great many things I have learned from listening to your show and recommended they give it a try.  Of course I get a few funny looks when I mentioned the fact that the show is on at 0600 on Saturday, but then I share your web site.  Anyway thanks for letting me in.

At 3:47pm on March 3, 2013, Dale smith said…
Thanks mark I listen to you every Saturday at work keep up the good work....Dale
At 3:50pm on January 24, 2013, Angela DiMaggio said…

Thank you Mark, Always a pleasure to commune with like minded gardeners.

Where can I get beefsteak tomato seeds? I want the huge ones that make you run for bread and mayo!

Mama D

At 10:58am on January 24, 2013, Dave Leonard said…

Mark- Looking forward to seeing you at the Ohio ISA Conference in Dayton, Feb. 10-12.I wanted to talk to you about shallow root systems on trees, esp. conifers and how to create deeper, stronger root systems.

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